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Meow meow meow meow meow woof. Pen drawings, still no watercolours D:


And for le rest of them (:

Ok, so, havnt updated in a bit, just have some more sketchbook work as usual plus the odd bit of digital, enjoy you spoons. Will include the rest of the pics in the next post as it turns out there is quite a few of them :3


Okey poke, just another sketchbook update, and some digital stuff that Ive done recently. :3 Fuck, I’m so hungry!

Digital couches

Okey doke all everyone/nobody, Some more sketchbook stuff, also bought a wacom digital tablet ,.finally! have been wrecking my head trying to learn how to use ‘gimp’ and ‘adobe illustrator’ properly,.steep learning curve! ..incredidbly difficult to learn by yourself but I shall try all the same (: anythings better than college work like, also, more sketchbook stuff waiting to be scanned in yet D: (:

MixXed up

Okey doke, soo..just an update of some recent sketchbook work and stuff  (:

Noisy fridge

Ok, so..Going to put up a kind of a work in progress thing , because like..I’m bored and it makes me feel productive, whether anyone sees this or not I don’t care . Then I’ll watch The ‘Predator’. So yeah, this particular way of working seems to be the process I enjoy most, It always yields good results unlike my often frustrating dead end ‘coverapagedoodling’, and I don’t get bored of it like usual. I’ve also only very recently realised this, and I’m glad I have, because I finally have a good solid process base to work from, if you get me, If not, meh. What seems to generally happen, is , I first think of an image, just do a quick rummage through my imagination, and come up with it, something normal. Lets say, an animal such as a turtle, as in the pictures below. But it can be anything really. As long as I contrast it with something totally different, if you choose a grandfather clock, then I don’t know, have a load of frogs climbing all over it, or cover it in vines or some shit. Anything that will somehow contrast visually in a cool way. Then sometimes maybe a quick thumbnail sketch (usually pencil) to work out composition if it happens to be a complicated image, though generally I skip this part because its kind of pointless, you can see where it will go in your head anyways. Then some google image searches for the content objects, ( just the turtle in this case) followed by a quick rough out penil drawing. Then my favourite part, the pen drawing that goes over this, to define the lines, shading , and most importantly , detail. Nom nom detail.  Now I’d usually just watercolour that bitch up after this. But I have been trying to get more and more into digital colour work to finish the image up recently. This being helped by my current watercolour paints shortage. </3 , So yeah, normally I would paint the pen image in, take a pic or scan it. Then tweak the contrast, crop or whatever else a bit, and upload for eveyone and nobody to see. This way renders the lovely pen drawing useless though, its painted and done with, the end. So , I really want to get a wacom tablet to start doing this stuff digitally properly.Its far more versatile and you get to reuse your original drawing for other stuff. So thats kind of what I’ve been trying with this turtle lad. Pity I dont have a tablet, or even a mouse, and verry little knowledge on the wonders of photoshop, or GIMP , which is what I use. ‘Cas I’m cheap like that. Just took a turtle and decided to stick some flora on his shell and have a wee train on him too. Progress so far is below, Theres alot of mistakes and bits left out here and there, But its all trial and error still yet. I guess I’m kinda happy with le results so far. Um, bye? D:

New sketchbook.

Um, okey doke, Just some sketchbook work from the last 2 weeks or so,  most of it is unfinished as I need new watercolours, they will get done eventually :3

Short cake, Long cake.

Uh,.I ‘r is blog =)